Kärcher Floor Cleaning Sachets – Walk Behind x 50

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Everyday floor cleaning detergent for any scrubber dryers with a 50l – 100l capacity in individually wrapped sachets. One sachet, one clean.

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Kärcher Floor cleaning Sachets are individually wrapped, fully bio-degradable sachets intended for maintenance cleaning of all hard floors and can be used with any Scrubber Dryer. They come in fully recyclable or compostable packaging, meaning zero waste, reducing your carbon footprint. the compact size of the package also reduces your transportation and storage costs. As you are no longer transporting water, or storing large plastics containers of detergent. Kärcher Floor Cleaning Sachets also removes the requirement to manually dose cleaning detergent, resulting in less waste for you and saving you costs. The formulations are protected by a water-soluble layer, minimising the risk of the formulation coming into contact with the operative’s skin or eyes.

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  • Environmentally Friendly: No plastic waste, biodegradable sachets, and recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • Cost-Efficient: Compact packaging reduces transportation and storage costs, eliminating the need to transport water or store large detergent containers.
  • Convenient: No need for manual dosing, reducing waste and saving costs.
  • Safe: Formulations are protected by a water-soluble layer, minimizing the risk of contact with skin or eyes.
  • For walk behind scrubber dryers, 50l – 100l capacity.
  • 50 Sachets.
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