Karcher Lease

Karcher Lease

Kärcher provides a one-stop service, innovative cleaning technology, and flexible financing options. We offer flexible leasing plans for financing products in the investment goods sector. Whether you prefer fully amortized, partially amortized, or hire-purchase options, Kärcher has a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Good reasons for leasing:

Invest Without Using Company Capital
You don’t need to allocate your own resources to purchase new Kärcher equipment, giving you greater financial flexibility for your business operations.

Earn More by Leasing
Generate profit without using your company’s capital. Leasing is a highly efficient way to make money. Why wait?

No Need to Go to Your Bank
Invest without committing to a bank loan, keeping your securities available for other financing projects*.

Safe and Manageable
Lease installments remain fixed for the entire lease term, providing you with a clear and predictable financial plan.

Flexible Contract Models
Kärcher offers a variety of leasing options to meet all requirements. Our leasing plans are as beneficial and reliable as our cleaning technology. Professional, practical, fast, and comprehensive, our leasing range supports your capital investments and helps you spread your investment costs.

Full Amortisation Agreements
With fully amortized lease agreements, you maintain full control. At the end of the lease period, you can choose to purchase, extend, or return the equipment.

Residual Value Lease Agreements
Residual value lease agreements provide attractive lease installments that reflect the true depreciation of the equipment.

Hire-purchase is ideal when government subsidies are available for investments. Simply apply for the funding and receive it directly. Once you’ve paid the final hire-purchase installment, the equipment is yours.

Contact us for free, no-obligation advice. Investing in valuable assets is a matter of trust, and Kärcher offers everything from a single source: expert advice, innovative technology, a wide range of accessories, and reliable service.

We are your reliable partner for individually tailored leasing solutions. When government investment subsidies are available, we also offer hire-purchase options.

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