Karcher Repairs

Kärcher Repairs

Specially trained service engineers, equipped with dedicated repair stations for each product group and a full stock of replacement parts on-site, ensure high-quality repairs. After every repair, each machine undergoes a comprehensive multi-point test and safety inspection in accordance with BGV A3 standards.

The Advantages of a Kärcher approved Repair

At SWCE, our trained technicians ensure that all repairs are executed to the highest standards.

Thorough Overhaul and Safety Inspection:
We perform a comprehensive overhaul of your machine, replacing any faulty parts as needed*. After the repair, we conduct a detailed check to confirm both the functionality and safety of your equipment.

Guaranteed Quality:
All repairs are backed by a three-month warranty. Additionally, any parts replaced during the service are covered under our 12-month parts guarantee.

Customer Service Helpline:
For any questions or assistance, please feel free to reach out to us via email at sales@swcleaningequipment.co.uk

*Note: The term “faulty parts” applies exclusively to the machine and does not extend to accessories.

Repair warranty

SWCE provides private customers with a two-year warranty on Home & Garden products from the date of purchase, covering both material and manufacturing defects. To activate this warranty, you must present proof of purchase.

Repairs to Kärcher products under warranty are offered free of charge (in accordance with our terms of sale), unless the damage is due to misuse, abuse, or frost.

For comprehensive details on our product warranty, please click the button below.

Charges After Warranty:
Costs may vary

Contact to arrange a product repair

Please note that the product will need to be packaged into a sufficient box prior to its return for repair. If you do not have a suitable box then one can be purchased from us for the small charge of £10.00. Please request this when booking your repair.

ModelOut Of Warranty

K2 Pressure Washer


K3 Pressure Washer


K4 Pressure Washer


K5 Pressure Washer


K6 Pressure Washer


K7 Pressure Washer


Wet and Dry Vacuum


Steam Cleaner


Hard Floor Cleaners (excluding FC 7)


FC 7 Hard Floor Cleaner




Floor Polisher


Vacuum Cleaners


Robotic Vacuums


OC 3 Outdoor Cleaner




Lawn Mowers


Lawn / Hedge Trimmers




Leaf Blowers


Tree Lopper


Inspection Only


Paid BOX


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