Karcher service centre

Karcher Service Centre

Here's how it works: Devices from the Home & Garden range can be repaired at our dedicated repair centers. Machines within their warranty period are repaired free of charge, in accordance with our Home & Garden terms and conditions.

Domestic Customers

Our specially trained service engineers, equipped with repair stations for each product group and a full stock of replacement parts on-site, ensure high-quality repairs. After repair, every machine undergoes a comprehensive multi-point test and safety inspection in accordance with BGV A3 standards.

Arrange a Product Repair

To arrange a repair please email us at sales@swcleaningequipment.co.uk with your name, address and telephone number with the subject of “Repair Service” and we will contact you to arrange the repair.

If you are having problems using the above email address, please call us at: 01392 672749.

The benefits of a Kärcher approved repair

Complete Overhaul and Safety Test
We conduct a thorough overhaul of your machine, replacing any faulty parts*. After the repair, we check the functionality and safety of your machine.

Quality Guaranteed
Your repair is guaranteed for 3 months. Any replacement parts are covered under our 12-month parts guarantee.

Service Helpline
If you have any questions, please email us at sales@swcleaningequipment.co.uk

*Note: Faulty parts refer to the machine only and exclude accessories.

Repair warranty

Kärcher provides private customers with a two-year warranty on Home & Garden products from the date of purchase, covering material and manufacturing defects. Proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty.

All repairs to Kärcher products within the warranty period are free of charge (subject to conditions of sale), except in cases of misuse, abuse, or frost damage.

Charges Outside Warranty
Charges for repairs outside the warranty period may vary depending on the independent Kärcher dealer.

Arrange a product repair

To arrange a repair, please email us at sales@swcleaningequipment.co.uk with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Full Address
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email
  • Model of Machine
  • Serial Number of Machine
  • Description of Fault

Professional Customers

Getting your machine working again as quickly as possible is our top priority. That’s why our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles is on standby throughout the UK. Our Kärcher engineers have everything they need on board for inspections, services, and repairs. Each vehicle is stocked with necessary measuring instruments, standard tools, Kärcher-specific tools, essential spare and wear parts, accessories, and cleaning agents. Additionally, our engineers have IT solutions to access machine documentation remotely, ensuring a seamless repair process.

If a repair cannot be completed on-site, our service engineer will arrange for the machine to be sent to one of our nationwide workshops. If required, we can provide a replacement machine through Kärcher Rental or as part of your Kärcher Full Service Plus package.

Our primary goal is to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible. This is supported by our fleet of over 100 fully equipped service vehicles on standby throughout Germany. If on-site repair is not possible, machines can be sent to one of our branches with top-quality workshops. Our service engineer will handle the dispatch, ensuring minimal effort on your part. If necessary, we can provide a replacement machine through the Kärcher rental service.

Kärcher vehicles are equipped with everything our service technicians need for inspections, services, and repairs. Along with necessary measuring instruments, standard tools, and Kärcher-specific tools, our vehicles carry essential spare parts, wear parts, accessories, and cleaning agents. Our service engineers also have laptops to process the entire repair and access technical documents for any Kärcher machine. We ensure that all the essential requirements for your repair are met as quickly as possible.

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