Kärcher FC 4-4 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

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Precise cleaning: The FC 4-4 removes dry and wet daily dirt precisely and quickly with its two cleaning modes. Includes exchangeable batteries and Duo fast charger.

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With the FC 4-4 floor cleaner you can remove both dry and wet everyday dirt in one step. With the long battery run time of maximum 30 minutes, areas of up to 90 square metres can be cleaned effortlessly. The Duo quick charger supplied enables charging in just 70 minutes. An indicator lets you know when the fresh water tank needs to be refilled and the dirty water tank emptied. After activating the device, the two rollers are automatically moistened with the water from the fresh water tank. The water volume can be adjusted to the floor covering using the two cleaning modes. The FC 4-4 cleans even hard-to-reach places and the hair filter means the machine can easily pick up hair. The integrated hygienic dirty water tank can be easily removed and cleaned after use and because of the 2 tank system you are only ever cleaning your floors with clean water. The FC 4-4 stands by itself and can be stored in a space-saving way thanks to its removable handle. The device is suitable for all hard floors. The 4 V Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable batteries are compatible with all 4 V Kärcher Battery Power devices.

All-in-one: Removes all kinds of dry and wet everyday dirt in a single step
  • Optimum hair pickup by means of integrated hair filter.
  • Cleans right up to the edge.
Wiping is 20 per cent* cleaner than with a mop and much more convenient
  • With a twin tank system you are only ever using clean water and detergent on your floors. Th dirty water is collected in a seperate water tank.
  • Effortless: No dragging a bucket around, no wringing out the floor cleaning cloth by hand, no scrubbing.
  • Rollers are machine-washable at up to 60 °C.
Standalone and easily manoeuvrable
  • Practical for work interruptions: Device stands alone.
  • Effortless cleaning under furniture and around objects, cleaning right up to the edges.
Easy device cleaning
  • Device and roller cleaning function.
  • Simple cleaning of hair filters with supplied cleaning brush.
  • Dishwasher-safe waste water tank can be emptied without coming into contact with dirt.
Battery powered devices
Battery platform 4 V battery platform
Fresh water container capacity (ml) 400
Dirty water container capacity (ml) 200
Roller working width (mm) 300
Drying time of cleaned floor (min) approx. 2
Battery type Lithium-ion replacement battery
Voltage (V) nominal 7.2 – 7.4 – max. 8.4
Capacity (Ah) 2.5
Number of batteries required (Piece(s)) 2
Performance per battery charge (m²) approx. 90 (2.5 Ah)
Runtime per battery charge (min) approx. 30 (2.5 Ah)
Battery charging time with fast charger 80%/100% (min) 50 / 70
Charging current (A) 2 x 2.5
Power supply for battery charger (V/Hz) 100 – 240 / 50 – 60
Weight without accessories (kg) 3.4
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 5.9
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm) 225 x 310 x 1200
  • Battery: 2.5 Ah Battery Power battery (2 pc.)
  • Battery charger: 4 V Battery Power fast charger (1 pc.)
  • 2-tank system
  • Roller rotation and water amount adjustable
  • Yellow cleaning rollers
  • Detergent: Floor cleaning Universal RM 536, 30 ml
  • Cleaning and storage station
  • Cleaning brush