Kärcher RCV 5 Robotic Vacuum with Wiping Function

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The RCV 5 vacuums and mops completely independently with the help of AI. Fitted with precise LiDAR navigation, a dual-laser system and camera, obstacles are avoided effortlessly.

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Hard floors and low-pile carpets are independently and systematically cleaned by the RCV 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Dry dirt is transported into the built-in waste container by the rotating brush, the side brush for the edges and the fan. The ultrasonic sensor detects carpets that would be better cleaned using the Auto Boost function. The RCV 5 doesn’t just vacuum but can also wet mop, automatically avoiding carpet when in mopping mode. Via the app, the RCV 5 will automatically create a map of the rooms by detecting the surroundings (LiDAR). Individual cleaning parameters can be set for every room – simply select which rooms should be vacuumed, mopped or not cleaned. Thanks to the dual-laser system with camera, the RCV 5 also detects and avoids flat obstacles such as cables, socks or shoes, whilst additional sensors prevent the device from falling. For cleaning, you can conveniently start the RCV 5 via the app, use a preset individual schedule or press a button on the device to start your cleaning. Voice output of the device will provide the most important information and status.

Precise navigation using artificial intelligence

With fast, robust LiDAR navigation, the robot scans and maps the rooms with precision, ensuring the best orientation for reliable cleaning trips even in the dark. The dual-laser sensor and camera on the robot even allow it to recognise small or flat objects that are too small for the LiDAR system (e.g. shoes, socks or cables). If the dual laser-camera system detects obstacles, it incorporates them into the map. The robot passes around them with an intelligent navigation manoeuvre, avoiding getting stuck or causing damage.

Carpet detection and Auto Boost

The RCV 5 automatically detects carpeted surfaces using an ultrasonic sensor and shows these on the map in the app. If wet mopping is activated, the robot avoids the detected carpeted surfaces and goes around them. The Auto Boost function increases the suction power on carpeted surfaces as needed, for even better cleaning results.

Wet mopping

For even better cleaning results, the RCV 5 can also damp mop. If needed, use the wiping unit with microfibre cloth, fill the fresh water tank and you are ready to go. The RCV 5 cleaning robot can either be used for dry cleaning only, for wet mopping only, or with both options together in combined cleaning mode.

Technical data

Battery powered devices
Charging time rechargeable battery (min) 230
Battery type Lithium ion battery
Battery capacity (Ah) 5.2
Running time per charge (min) 120
Dirt container (ml) 330
Fresh water tank (ml) 240
suction performance (Pa) 5000
Sound power level (dB(A)) 66
Weight, base station (kg) 0.4
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 6.5
Dimensions, RoboCleaner (D x H) (mm) 350 x 97
Dimensions, base station (L x B x H) (mm) 135 x 150 x 99
  • Cleaning brush
  • Filter: 2 x
  • Wiping cloth: 2 x
  • Dirt container
  • Fresh water tank
  • Charging station