WB 150 power brush

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The Kärcher WB150 pressure washer brush is the perfect attachment for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car exteriors, motorbikes, glass, garage doors and conservatories.

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A Kärcher pressure washer helps you tackle a wide range of outdoor cleaning tasks, from stonework and walls to wooden decking and the more delicate paintwork on cars, bikes and boats. The Kärcher power brush is ideal for these more delicate jobs – as well as cars, motorbikes, caravans and boats it can also help you achieve the perfect finish on glass, garden surfaces, conservatories, garage doors, shutters, blinds, garden furniture and bicycles. The brush uses two rotating flat jet nozzles that can get rid of even the most stubborn stains and dirt, combining the water pressure you need with soft bristles that are gentle and precise. Using the Kärcher power brush can result in a significant saving of both energy and water, which can make it a greener way of cleaning the car as well as saving you money. The pressure washer brush can also save you time while ensuring you get a gleaming finish. The Kärcher WB150 is suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers of the K2 – K7 classes.

Combination of a high-pressure jet and a manual brush pressure

  • Saves 30% time, energy and water.

Compact design

  • Ideal for cleaning small areas or in hard to reach places.

Rotating flat jet nozzle

  • Greater cleaning performance.


  • Splash-free cleaning.

Soft brush head

  • Gently cleans sensitive surfaces.

Technical data

Weight (kg) 0.7
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 392 x 222 x 211


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